After creating a successful top-to-bottom brand framework for Red River Mutual (RRM) in 2008, nearly a decade later this loyal client tasked Relish with evolving the tone and aesthetic. Whereas the original project was revolutionary, involving a distinct departure from previous brand and marketing efforts, this exercise would be more evolutionary. 

The Opportunity

In the crowded space of insurance marketing, we identified a unique opportunity to not only distinguish RRM, but to build an easy-to-use toolkit of brand assets that could be adapted and implemented by RRM’s in-house marketing team. In a space that is commonly punctuated by generic stock photography, we chose to move in a decidedly clean, graphic direction, inspired by 1960’s Swiss design.

The Result

Ensuring to not throw the baby out with the bathwater, the identity is founded on the strong 90º and 45º angles articulated in our original RRM logo design. The result is a no-nonsense framework that is distinct within the competitive space, allowing for exceptional accessibility, and providing RRM’s in-house marketing team with a host of consistent graphic assets to punctuate their wide variety of communication efforts. 

Key Services Provided


  • Brand Strategy


  • Brand & Identity Development
  • Graphic Design, Illustration & Iconography
  • Style Guides & Toolkits
  • Video & Post Production
  • Copywriting


  • Content Creation, Curation & Implementation
  • Advertising