The new educational approach to instruction and assessment supports learning through ongoing feedback and evaluation; an approach that has proven challenging for teachers to administer. Managing the day-to-day tasks of learning and assessment are time-consuming and require administrative support. Further, today’s teachers are required to individualize reports that reflect a student’s learning and extends beyond traditional letter grades.

The Opportunity

QUIO Learning Map is a grade K-12 student-centred web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, developed to bring students evidence of learning, curriculum, assessment, evaluation and communication together in one place. The application also had to work seamlessly with iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and phones, PC and Mac platforms (with most common browsers supported) and also work offline in classrooms without an internet connection.

The platform delivers a versatile user experience allowing users to connect their work and showcase a student’s best work through visual aids and interactive plans. It includes:

  • Real-time collaboration tools
  • Robust data sharing systems and cross platform compatibility
  • A REST based API that services all of the apps within the QUIO platform
  • The ability to leverage leading edge Single Page Application (SPA) architectures
  • Frontend real-time notifications and system level monitoring for data integrity assurance and up-to-date information across user accounts and hardware
  • Security backed by a 3rd party security audit

Developers have created a flexible framework for teachers to modify assessment criteria based on learning standards and descriptions of performance, and the needs of individual students.

Key Services Provided

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