The Manitoba Institute of Agrology is a self-regulatory body for the practice of agrology in the province and registers practitioners. Through the setting of educational standards, the institute can protect and enable the public to identify qualified, registered agrologists.

In order to meet the needs of a growing user base and improve administrative efficiencies, Relish devised solutions to build an internal reporting structure within the site, a user-friendly external member management system, as well as a comprehensive offering of the institute’s memberships and programming.

The Opportunity

A new and modern website was built with a refreshed style, added features and a platform that delivers a versatile user experience. The website is accessible to the general public, easy to navigate and contains a searchable directory where users can “find an agrologist.” Relish followed strict internal processes ensuring compliance of policies and procedures and in-depth training was provided to ensure an understanding of the site’s new components and capabilities.

Reporting Tool:

  • Segregates members, sub-groups, and specialized areas of practice
  • Differentiates membership levels
  • Manages outstanding and paid membership fees and subscriptions
  • Provides an efficient system of running and accessing various types of information serving numerous purposes beneficial to the organization

Member Management System:

  • Programmed a highly detailed back-end to manage membership fees and subscriptions
  • Built a library of documents, fillable forms, and learning resources
  • Included ability for members to update their profile status and settings

This system allows members to access and submit specific requirements and update their status as they progress through the various educational components of the program.

Key Services Provided

Content & Asset Management Planning

Wireframing & UX Design


Website Development

Data Analysis Tools and Reporting Systems


Custom User Management Solutions