Aero Recip Canada is the largest piston engine aircraft overhaul facility in Canada, based out of their 31,000 square foot facility in Winnipeg. A family-owned business from the beginning, Aero Recip specializes in engines & accessories, engine parts, and oil coolers.

The Opportunity

Working directly with ownership, we were asked to create a brand expression that captured both the impressive scope of Aero Recip’s operations, as well as their approachability as a family-run enterprise. Additionally, the company is staffed by an exemplary team of employees, many of whom measure their tenure in decades rather than years, and the brand needed to capture their strong sense of passion and teamwork.

The Result

Retaining the equity in the existing logo, the graphic approach is punctuated by upward-moving angles, clean vector lines and aviation-inspired typography. The clean visual presentation is offset by straightforward and approachable copy, thus bringing-forward the company’s down-to-earth attitude. After several years in use, the brand continues to drive both sales and foot traffic at Aero Recip’s myriad events and product knowledge sessions, while allowing for fresh executions in future communication efforts. 

Key Services Provided


  • Social Media Strategy & Deployment Planning
  • Content & Asset Management Planning
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Auditing
  • Wireframing & UX Design


  • Brand & Identity Development
  • Graphic Design, Illustration & Iconography
  • Website Development
  • Video & Post Production
  • Copywriting


  • Advertising