MLH Law – Brand


Following the departure of former partner Connie Peterson, Peterson King Law organically evolved to become Mitousis Lemieux Howard Law Corporation, with new ownership falling under long term associates, Maria Mitousis and Renée Lemieux Howard. The resulting firm is a family-centred law practice that provides its clients with holistic, innovative and personalized solutions.

The Opportunity

Working with the new ownership group, we were tasked with developing a brand experience that was authentically pragmatic and tenacious while remaining sincere and caring. As a smaller office that is more communicative and informal than larger law firms, a strong point of distinction was identified as a rallying-point for the brand framework.

The Result

The resulting identity is predicated on the concept of 2 quotation marks which are representative of the 2 partners, as well as the firm’s commitment to open dialogue. Visually, the brand walks the fine line between trustworthy and approachable, while copy is straightforward with hints of light-heartedness where appropriate. 

The new framework allowed for a successful launch of the new company, having received acclaim both from within and outside the law profession.

Aero Recip – Brand


Aero Recip Canada is the largest piston engine aircraft overhaul facility in Canada, based out of their 31,000 square foot facility in Winnipeg. A family-owned business from the beginning, Aero Recip specializes in engines & accessories, engine parts, and oil coolers.

The Opportunity

Working directly with ownership, we were asked to create a brand expression that captured both the impressive scope of Aero Recip’s operations, as well as their approachability as a family-run enterprise. Additionally, the company is staffed by an exemplary team of employees, many of whom measure their tenure in decades rather than years, and the brand needed to capture their strong sense of passion and teamwork.

The Result

Retaining the equity in the existing logo, the graphic approach is punctuated by upward-moving angles, clean vector lines and aviation-inspired typography. The clean visual presentation is offset by straightforward and approachable copy, thus bringing-forward the company’s down-to-earth attitude. After several years in use, the brand continues to drive both sales and foot traffic at Aero Recip’s myriad events and product knowledge sessions, while allowing for fresh executions in future communication efforts. 

Red River Mutual – Brand


After creating a successful top-to-bottom brand framework for Red River Mutual (RRM) in 2008, nearly a decade later this loyal client tasked Relish with evolving the tone and aesthetic. Whereas the original project was revolutionary, involving a distinct departure from previous brand and marketing efforts, this exercise would be more evolutionary. 

The Opportunity

In the crowded space of insurance marketing, we identified a unique opportunity to not only distinguish RRM, but to build an easy-to-use toolkit of brand assets that could be adapted and implemented by RRM’s in-house marketing team. In a space that is commonly punctuated by generic stock photography, we chose to move in a decidedly clean, graphic direction, inspired by 1960’s Swiss design.

The Result

Ensuring to not throw the baby out with the bathwater, the identity is founded on the strong 90º and 45º angles articulated in our original RRM logo design. The result is a no-nonsense framework that is distinct within the competitive space, allowing for exceptional accessibility, and providing RRM’s in-house marketing team with a host of consistent graphic assets to punctuate their wide variety of communication efforts. 

Visage Cosmetic Clinic – Brand


Visage is Winnipeg’s newest state-of-the-art cosmetic clinic. Offering a range of advanced cosmetic treatments and surgical procedures, Visage specializes in “the neck-up”. The concept is the brainchild of Dr. Ali Esmail, Winnipeg’s first and only fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon. The new clinic was designed to provide a patient-oriented, intimate, non-clinical environment with an aesthetic punctuated by gold, black and warm/cold contrasts. 

The Opportunity

Dr. Esmail approached Relish to develop branding and marketing materials that would reflect his leading service offering and unique physical space.

Much of the brand is derived from the logomark, which is a stylized ‘V’ which adheres to ideal human face proportions. From the icon, pattern elements were developed, and it’s linear aesthetic was carried throughout various brand collateral.

Four informational booklets were created, focusing on the key service areas offered at Visage; facelift, rhinoplasty, eyelift and lasers and injectables. A conversational yet informative tone was used in order to connect with readers and warm, appealing visuals were employed to tie it all together. 

Print components were complimented by an immersive web presence, along with a suite of social media graphics. The website provides potential customers with the details of this procedure, videos as well as before and after photos of previous patients. A marketing campaign was also developed and included both digital and traditional advertising.

The Result

The brand expression was integral in a successful launch, and continues to resonate with clients and staff alike. 

San Francisco Chronicle – “The Press”


The Press provides a collection of winery reviews, maps and recommendations to tourists and locals alike wanting to tour and taste California’s wine country. 

A team of experts and journalists, led by The San Francisco Chronicle, review California wineries based on merit and prominence. They personally visit the locations and write honest, unbiased reviews upheld to the same standards and values as other critiques published in The San Francisco Chronicle.

With the mission to be a one-stop travel resource for Wine Country, a solution was needed that allowed users to create, plan, customize and map out their own wine tour. This enhanced experience required a visual layout capability for mapping purposes and an easy-to-use application format.

The Opportunity

In response to the client’s request, the Relish development team delivered solutions to improve the ease of maintaining the website and provide more control over the content and how it’s delivered, displayed and experienced by the end-user.

Relish rebuilt a proprietary website and turned it into a WordPress based format for the purpose of programming a custom plugin to operate within that system. Site custom features include a trip planning tool and a filterable map for primary use. The project consisted of several elements:

  • Account sign-in
  • “Plan Your Trip” feature: allows the user to create his/her own tour and map out directions and driving time between wineries
  • “Add to trip” button: ability to add venues and create a list of wineries to visit
  • Trip calculation feature: determine length of trip(s)
  • Pre-built tour options
  • Staff picks of top choice tours
  • Filterable mapping tool: ability to map out specific areas in California, including sub-regions and vineyards
  • Visual tools to accompany features

As a result of these improvements, the user can bring in new search parameters or change the layout within the trip planning and mapping tools to filter by region, sub-region, or a variety of other categories including wine specialties and cost.   

For the administrator, these tools provide the ability to draw shapes on a map and better organize the website to define specific regions.

Barkman Concrete


Barkman Concrete is one of Manitoba’s leading concrete product manufactures for both commercial and residential spaces. 

They approached Relish in 2019 with the idea of a website and mobile app that would allow their customers to view their product catalogue both online and offline, as well as a multi-product calculator for calculating driveways, walls and more. Relish took this idea and brought it to life with a beautifully designed, user-friendly website and app. 

The Opportunity

Barkman Concrete and Relish worked alongside to determine the best feature set for the platform. 

The app connects to the Barkman website for all of its data, allowing administrators to update the website and app content simultaneously. There are also expandable areas that can be deemed “app only,” to show more detailed information than what’s available on the website. 

The offline feature downloads the entire product catalogue and tracks the age of the data so that users know when the last update was, allowing them to fetch the latest product information when within cell service or wifi.  

The Barkman mobile app was designed and developed with expansion in mind. There is a long roadmap of features to be added to the mobile app, and from the beginning, Relish has planned the app for future growth, making sure that future features can be easily implemented. 

Manitoba Institute of Agrology


The Manitoba Institute of Agrology is a self-regulatory body for the practice of agrology in the province and registers practitioners. Through the setting of educational standards, the institute can protect and enable the public to identify qualified, registered agrologists.

In order to meet the needs of a growing user base and improve administrative efficiencies, Relish devised solutions to build an internal reporting structure within the site, a user-friendly external member management system, as well as a comprehensive offering of the institute’s memberships and programming.

The Opportunity

A new and modern website was built with a refreshed style, added features and a platform that delivers a versatile user experience. The website is accessible to the general public, easy to navigate and contains a searchable directory where users can “find an agrologist.” Relish followed strict internal processes ensuring compliance of policies and procedures and in-depth training was provided to ensure an understanding of the site’s new components and capabilities.

Reporting Tool:

  • Segregates members, sub-groups, and specialized areas of practice
  • Differentiates membership levels
  • Manages outstanding and paid membership fees and subscriptions
  • Provides an efficient system of running and accessing various types of information serving numerous purposes beneficial to the organization

Member Management System:

  • Programmed a highly detailed back-end to manage membership fees and subscriptions
  • Built a library of documents, fillable forms, and learning resources
  • Included ability for members to update their profile status and settings

This system allows members to access and submit specific requirements and update their status as they progress through the various educational components of the program.

QUIO Learning Map


The new educational approach to instruction and assessment supports learning through ongoing feedback and evaluation; an approach that has proven challenging for teachers to administer. Managing the day-to-day tasks of learning and assessment are time-consuming and require administrative support. Further, today’s teachers are required to individualize reports that reflect a student’s learning and extends beyond traditional letter grades.

The Opportunity

QUIO Learning Map is a grade K-12 student-centred web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, developed to bring students evidence of learning, curriculum, assessment, evaluation and communication together in one place. The application also had to work seamlessly with iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and phones, PC and Mac platforms (with most common browsers supported) and also work offline in classrooms without an internet connection.

The platform delivers a versatile user experience allowing users to connect their work and showcase a student’s best work through visual aids and interactive plans. It includes:

  • Real-time collaboration tools
  • Robust data sharing systems and cross platform compatibility
  • A REST based API that services all of the apps within the QUIO platform
  • The ability to leverage leading edge Single Page Application (SPA) architectures
  • Frontend real-time notifications and system level monitoring for data integrity assurance and up-to-date information across user accounts and hardware
  • Security backed by a 3rd party security audit

Developers have created a flexible framework for teachers to modify assessment criteria based on learning standards and descriptions of performance, and the needs of individual students.

Timber Ridge Homes – Brand


Timber Ridge Homes is a family-owned and operated business that has been building homes and cottages across Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario for over a decade.

Founded on the belief that building a new home or cottage should be an enjoyable, positive experience, Timber Ridge Homes is dedicated to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. They are committed to providing its clients with the home or cottage of their dreams and has quickly become one of the top timber frame builders in Canada.

The Opportunity

Timber Ridge approached Relish in November 2018, looking for a brand expression, the goals being to create new sales opportunities and set them apart from their competitors.

Relish conducted a competitive analysis and brand audit, providing Timber Ridge with recommendations, a brand strategy and new brand framework. A new logo and marketing materials were developed, including website, trade show display and e-marketing tools.

Relish also developed a campaign for Timber Ridge’s VIP Spring Timber Tour. With a theme based on memories, curated packages were delivered directly to pre-qualified individuals over a nine-week period as a way to invite them on this exclusive and inspiring tour.

A social media and content strategy were introduced with continued support in content creation, curation and implementation as well as reporting.

The Result

After just a few months in the public sphere the new brand expression has resulted in greater social media engagement, increased sales leads and was integral in already signing a significant piece of new business.

Demon Racing – Brand


Founded in 2008 by Matt Szalai and Tyson Bzdell with just a pickup truck and 2 snowmobiles, Demon Racing has grow to a dedicated team of 3 drivers and 5 mechanics, along with a steady support crew of family and sponsors.

In addition to growing the team off the track, Demon Racing has enjoyed considerable success on it, consistently winning races throughout Canada and the United States and garnering an international reputation across the power toboggan racing community.

The Opportunity

Working in a space where brands are traditionally loud and brash, we aimed to punctuate the Demon logotype with aggressive design subtleties and flat, timeless graphics. Additionally, we set out to design a custom numbering system that would be adaptable to the various surface angles found on a snowmobile. Lastly, the identity needed to adapt well to digital environments, given Demon Racing’s impressive social media reach. 

The Result

All turns on a snowmobile racing track are left turns, meaning drivers need to lean hard to their left in an effort to keep their machines pinned to the turn. Mimicking this left-leaning stance, the Demon Racing logotype employs aggressive angles in a modern blackletter treatment. The customized numbers follow suit, creating a lettering system that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Feedback from fans both online and at the 2018 season opener has been overwhelmingly positive. Merchandise is being coveted by race fans and non-race fans alike, selling through multiple production runs, far beyond the expectations of the team.

Barkman Concrete – Brand & Marketing


For over 70 years Barkman Concrete has been a leader in precast concrete products for residential, commercial, agricultural and municipal landscapes. Their products include a wide selection of pavers, retaining walls, steps, planters and site furnishings, exemplifying the very highest design and manufacturing standards.

Relish was initially approached by Barkman in 2017, with the goal of bolstering an already strong residential market share and increasing their commercial footprint.

The Opportunity

The Barkman brand as a whole was completely refined and standardized – previously, there were no definitive brand standards. Everything from their website, print materials, point-of-purchase, internal communications and custom iconography received a refreshed and cohesive overhaul.

Many competitors in this space place a focus on bold, masculine fonts and heavier colour tones. This was seen as an opportunity to take their branding in a unique direction, one that would set them apart.

The inspiration for the new brand centres around a clean, simplistic aesthetic with a heavy focus on elegant typography and ample white space. The minimalist design exists as a subtle support element to stunning photography, allowing the beautifully crafted products speak for themselves.

The Result

Barkman’s new brand is aesthetically restrained and communicatively precise. Each and every design element is intentional and carefully considered, speaking to their well-earned reputation for attention to design detail. Feedback from clients, suppliers and sales staff have been overwhelmingly positive, with fresh brand collateral continuing to appear in the public domain. 

Ukkö Robotics – “Rova” Brand


Ukkö Robotics is a Winnipeg startup that aims to transform the traditional barn, making pasture-based farming more accessible and efficient with the help of today’s technology. They specialize in manufacturing an all-in-one autonomous poultry tractor that falls under the company’s Rova Series. With the September 2018 launch of Rova, Ukkö Robotics approached Relish to help them build their brand and develop a comprehensive go-to-market strategy. The goal? Create awareness of the Rova brand through consumer education and a variety of marketing tools and tactics—helping Rova become known in the agriculture sector worldwide.

The Opportunity

Relish implemented an impressive brand strategy that included the development of a logo, tradeshow display, website, video and additional marketing tools. With less than four months to execute the strategy, Relish worked at a fast pace to meet and exceed the expected requirements.

A multilingual e-commerce website was developed to include a calculator for users to determine ROI, optimized website language for SEO relevance and an easy to manage CMS and integrated CRM. Relish developed a video that focused on Rova’s value proposition, utilizing 3D graphics, motion graphics and video footage for use online and at trade shows.

As the launch of Rova grew closer, a media release was sent out to local and national outlets which included key messages about Rova.

The local launch event was a success, attracting over 100 VIP guests and media exposure Canada-wide.

Kalshea Commodities – Brand


Kalshea is family owned and operated for more than 20 years. They are a leading provider in quality Canadian special crops. Kalshea sources the best products available, direct from Canadian farmers, to meet the unique needs of each customer in Canada, the United States and more than 35 additional countries around the world.

Relish was given the opportunity to create and implement a branding strategy to help increase Kalshea’s global recognition.

The Opportunity

A comprehensive brand strategy was developed to include a logo, packaging, website and collateral. Two unique seed bags were designed, one for international distribution and the other for national retail. The retail packaging incorporated strong visuals and vibrant colours to stand out on the shelves against its competitors, a strategy that was not necessarily accessible in the past.

The branding design had an emphasis on family and local sourcing. Personal touches, such as a photo of the owner when he was a young child were a nod to a traditional, family run, Canadian business, something that is generally respected in the international community.

Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre – 2018/19 Season


Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre (Royal MTC) was Canada’s first English language regional theatre, 60 years later, they remain Manitoba’s flagship theatre. Attendance across all productions and activities averages 300,000 each year.

Royal MTC produces ten plays on two stages annually. To mark the final season of Steven Schipper, Royal MTC artistic director of 30 years, an eleventh show was produced for the 2018/2019 season. After careful curation of the plays, Royal MTC looked to Relish to develop a cohesive theme and visual direction to carry the season across multiple communication platforms.

The Opportunity

As with previous seasons, our creative team read and reviewed each play to help find common threads that thematically connect them. Characters being continually affected by their home environment and circumstances lead us to a theme of, “An Homage to Home.” This worked particularly well given Steven Schipper’s announcement of his retirement from Royal RMTC, his professional home for the past 30 years.

The theme led us to custom renderings of both the Royal MTC MainStage and Warehouse Stage building exteriors. The Royal MTC MainStage was built in 1970, featuring a distinct brutalist design which played in perfectly to the minimalist aesthetic we were aiming for with the cover. Given the rough beauty of the physical space, it only made sense to include the building as the anchor image for the season.

The theme was weaved throughout the individual show imagery. The visuals were carefully considered in order to highlight subtle aspects of each show without revealing critical plot points. Each image was created to be adaptable and work in both static and animated environments.

Peg City Car Co-op – Brand & Website


Peg City Car Co-op’s mission is to provide a safe, reliable and inclusive carsharing program. By fulfilling the demand for carsharing through a practical and appealing transportation solution, Peg City has now grown to 26 vehicles and over 900 members.

Members found the Co-op’s original website hard to navigate and manage, which left Peg City struggling to communicate its value proposition within the confines of an antiquated site structure.

The Opportunity

Relish developed a new user-friendly website for Peg City that solved the issues members were experiencing. First, content was curated in segmented pages to target specific users of Peg City’s service—individuals and businesses. A value added intuitive ‘trip calculator’ was also embedded in the site, giving users the ability to see the value of their membership.

Once the new website was up and running, Relish updated all of Peg City’s collateral to reflect the same refreshed look. Relish launched an ad campaign that included online and offline tactics to promote Peg City’s growing fleet of vehicles and new pick-up locations.

Red River College – International Education Sub-brand


Red River College (RRC) is a global organization—and a growing force in the field of international education. Ten years ago, RRC had a few hundred international students. Today, it welcomes 1,400 learners from 60 different countries, while maintaining partnerships with post-secondary institutions in Japan, India and China.

The RRC Language Training Centre in downtown Winnipeg hosts more than 1,000 newcomers each year and has expanded services to Arborg, Selkirk, Steinbach and Thompson, providing critical language skills programming to an additional 250 learners.

With increasing competition to attract international students, Red River College needed to solidify its global brand presence.

The Opportunity

Relish worked with Red River College to develop a high level, internally executable sub-brand framework to serve as the basis for related marketing materials for International Education recruitment. The work helped establish the College as a desirable and diverse institution for global partners including students, agents and other academic institutions. The International Education brand is bright and highlights the colours of Manitoba’s four distinct seasons.